Accurately detects all STI pathogens including antibiotic-resistant gene identification.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 1 in 5 people had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) on any given day in 2018 in the United States. According to 2018 CDC’s report: 26 million new STI cases were found in 2018 alone and ~50% of these infections affected people between the ages of 15-24, at a cost of nearly $16 billion medical cost.1

Fast and Accurate Laboratory Testing

GenviewDX offers STI molecular diagnostics that provide the highest sensitivity and specificity:

  • Accurately detects all STI pathogens (please see the STI requisition), including antibiotic-resistant gene identification such as vancomycin and methicillin-resistance.
  • Shortens the time of pathogenic diagnosis and effective treatment of STIs.
  • Robust 24-hour turnaround time with advanced molecular genetic tests (PCR).
  • Innovative molecular technology has superior sensitivity vs. microbiology-based testing.
  • User-friendly reporting provides clear antibiotic guidance for effective treatment and improved patient outcomes.

Did you know...

According to the DHHS, some STIs aren't curable, but their identification can help prevent transmission and help clinicians prescribe medicine to treat the symptoms.2

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Pathogen Panel
Antibiotic-resistance Gene Panel

* Results reported within 24 hrs. after the sample is received at the lab.
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