A GenviewDX Overview

Focused on the future with NGS technology.

Through our robust reporting capabilities, we are revolutionizing personalized medicine for both patients and doctors. The data we collect is used to improve treatment for patients of the future

Offering best-in-class turnaround time, we give doctors test results and treatment suggestions for each individual patient on a case-by-case basis. In turn, patients get answers faster and doctors can be confident in the treatment plan they are providing.

Our goal is to help both doctors and patients make important health decisions through the delivery of expedited, accurate, and data-backed testing services, while safeguarding quality and accuracy.

We don’t just provide test results. Through research, we are taking the patient and doctor experience into the future.

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Vision & Mission

Revolutionizing Medical Testing

Providing personalized medicine and enabling informed treatment options.


Our vision is to bring medical testing into the future by leveraging Next-Generation Sequencing Technology, delivering a personalized medicine experience to patients, and providing doctors with data they need to make an informed treatment decision.


Our mission is to revolutionize medical testing for doctors and patients through Next-Generation Sequencing, focusing on exceptional customer service, unparalleled accuracy, and swift turnaround times.