What We Offer

Genetic Variant Testing by NGS

Cardiomyopathy NGS Panel

Designed to detect multiple
cardiomyopathy conditions

Cardiopulmonary NGS Panel

Early diagnosis to improve long-term health

Cancer Genetic Testing (CGx) NGS Panel

Understand your patients' risk factors for cancer using the power of genetics

Eye Disorder NGS Panel

Identify genes and variants in various eye diseases

Hereditary Neurodegenerative Disease NGS Panel

Detect risk factor genes associated with neurodegenerative disorders

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) NGS Panel

Better understanding how patients will respond to medications

Primary Immunodeficiency NGS Panel

Distinguish diseases with overlapping symptoms

Pulmonary NGS Panel

Early diagnosis to help preserve lung function

Thyroid Genetics NGS Panel

Discovering genetic changes in your thyroid