We offer comprehensive urinalysis, using advanced technology to detect potential health issues from urine samples.

At GenviewDX, we carefully examine the patient’s urine sample visually (turbidity, color, foam, and odor to identify pathological conditions, such as blood in urine or protein level) and microscopically (to identify microbiological presence, red blood cells, white blood cells, urinary crystals, or sperm).

In addition, we perform chemical dipstick tests to identify pH, bilirubin (product of RBCs), specific gravity, glucose, ketones, leukocyte esterase (product of WBCs), nitrites, and protein. The dipstick changes color when exposed to certain substances in the urine.

It is recommended to consult a doctor if you notice changes in urine color or odor, pain during urination, abdominal pain, or urinary tract infections. Using state-of-the-art modern machines like Siemens Clinitek Status, the urinalysis test is offered to all ages, including children.

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